ITS 150x150

The Intermediate Temperature System (ITS) is a temperature control unit based on Peltier effect.
The ITS is a compact temperature chamber with a small footprint. It enables accurate temperature control from –35 °C to +150 °C.

The ITS is designed to accommodate Bio-Logic sample holders such as leak tight sample holders (CESH). The two PT-1000 temperature probes provided with the ITS ensure an accurate measurement and control of the temperature. An optional PT-1000 probe is proposed for a direct measurement of the actual temperature of the sample.

The ITS is suited for the characterization of materials properties by impedance measurements under controlled temperature. It was adapted for a use in controlled atmosphere (up to 2 bar relative pressure) with CESH.
The sample can be prepared in a glove box, placed in the CESH and then installed in the ITS. The ITS is compatible with MTZ-35 impedance analyzer and with Bio-Logic potentiostats/galvanostats/FRAs. This allows Bio-Logic system owners to easily setup their own experiments.

The ITS is controlled through USB connection using MT-Lab® software. MT-Lab® software offers an intelligent temperature management with various temperature control modes.

The ITS can be also controlled by EC-Lab® software using Auxiliary inputs/output of Bio-Logic potentiostat. MT-Lab® and EC-Lab® interface provide protocols and data graphing for impedance measurement and data processing.

The impedance data can be fitted using the powerful Z Fit tool available in both software.

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  • Temperature range -35 °C to +150 °C
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.3 °C
  • Computer Interface USB 2.0
  • Mains voltage 115 V/230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption 250 W
  • Dimension 400 x 313 x 385 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight 8 kg

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